Cookies are small text files that are saved to your computer by the websites you visit. They allow your computer to be recognised for the duration of your visit to a website.

What sort of cookies do and use?

Cookies for statistics and research and use cookies for web statistics and research in order to analyse how visitors use the websites. The information gained helps us improve the websites. Analytical cookies contain a unique number, but they do not contain personal data, so and cannot use them to identify you personally. Nor can we use cookies to identify you on other websites. We use the anonymous information collected by cookies solely for the purpose of improving our websites. We do not disclose this information to third parties.

  • Cookie_toestemmingvoorcookies records whether you have agreed to the use of cookies and, if so, it ensures that the cookie notification pop-up does not appear each time you visit.
  • Cookie_pk_id ascertains for statistical purposes whether you are new to the website or have visited it before.
  • Cookie_pk_ses helps ascertain for statistical purposes which pages you visit during a session.
  • Cookie_surveyvisittime helps ascertain for research purposes the duration of your visit.
  • Cookie_surveystatus remembers whether you have taken part in online surveys on or

Cookies for forms and use a cookie that ensures the proper processing of forms on the website.

  • Cookie_form_map_id remembers the content you have entered until the form is sent. The cookie is automatically removed at the end of your visit.

Cookies for subscriptions and use cookies in the subscription process. There are two types of subscription cookie:

  • Cookie_rijksoverheid_session provides security and saves your status when you log in and out and when you change your status. This cookie is automatically removed at the end of your visit.
  • Cookie_persberichten_session remembers whether you have signed up for press releases or cancelled your press release subscription. This cookie is automatically removed at the end of your visit.

Disabling cookies

If you no longer wish to receive cookies, you can block them with your web browser. For more details, go to or consult your internet browser’s help menu.